About us

Information about Immo-assist at the Costa Blanca

Immo-assist is a company with a advanced spirit inside the Real Estate sector. A sector that every day demands more professionalism, integrity and service.
Immo-assist is mainly active on the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol. Immo-assist has prepared a great range of apartments, bungalows, duplex, detached villas, for you. All designed by our prestigious team of architects , built with first quality materials and perfectly integrated into the natural environment.

To become an owner, nothing could be simpler.
To become the owner of a property abroad, you need reliable, professional advice. And that is just what we are able to provide you with. Not only are we completely familiar with Spanish laws and regulations, we also have people on the spot, even a court-approved interpreter, so that we’re able to hold discussions and deal with documents in your own language.

Let’s start by looking at photos and then head off for Spain together.
First of all we call on you at home with photos of the many homes that we have on our books. There are villas, apartments and studios. Together we find the one that you like best, and then we go and visit a pilot home, over a long weekend. As for the cost of the trip, it is reduced because we choose the very best terms on the basis of our experience.
Local banks will agree loans up to 80 % of the taxation.
If you fancy buying a second home, you’ve probably already got some savings put by. Will it be enough? Certainly, because the local banks that we work with will make you a loan of up to 80 % of the taxationvalue.
Holiday destination, your winter home or permanent residence.
As soon as the formalities are complete, you will have your own second home. What a pleasure and what well-being! You will decide yourself when you want to go there for your holidays. Like for example, when the summer yet again is rainy where you live, or to escape winter. And later you could even retire there permanently to enjoy a well-deserved rest. And at the same time a profitable investment.
If you want to, you can also make use of our contacts to rent out your home during periods when you are not using it. This is what earns you a good return. So over many years you combine wonderful holiday possibilities and an especially profitable investment. For as long as you want.